Unwrapping gifts every day? Count us in!

A toy advent calendar makes the holiday season extra special. Get ready to countdown the days until Christmas with 24 exciting surprises. Not sure what's behind each door? Don't worry – you’ll be delighted with adorable toys and accessories that are perfect for your little ones (or even yourself!).

With a toy advent calendar, it's like celebrating Christmas all month long—and who doesn't love that? Plus, there’s something new to look forward to every day of December - think of how much fun it'll be making memories together while unwrapping gifts! Start building some holiday cheer today and make this year the most magical one yet.

Grab your own toy advent calendar now before they run out!

How We Choose The Best Toy Advent Calendar

The holidays are supposed to be a time of joy and excitement, but let's be honest, choosing the perfect toy advent calendar can be a stressful nightmare.

You're not alone in this struggle. With so many options out there, how do you know which one is going to bring smiles and excitement to your little ones every day leading up to Christmas?

Fear not, weary holiday shoppers! We're here to make your life easier with our foolproof method of selecting the best toy advent calendars. Our team of experts rigorously tests and evaluates each calendar, ensuring that the surprises behind those little doors will spark joy and keep the holiday spirit alive. Let us take the stress out of your holiday shopping and bring the magic back to the countdown to Christmas.

Premium Quality Toy Advent Calendar

Mattel Thomas & Friends MINIS Advent Calendar

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Reasons We Love It

Looking for that perfect holiday gift for your little train enthusiast? Look no further than the Mattel Thomas & Friends MINIS best kids advent calendars! With 24 miniature toy trains and other railway vehicles hidden behind each window, the countdown to Christmas has never been more exciting. And by the time December 25th rolls around, your child will have a whole railway of Thomas & Friends pals for creative and imaginative push-along train play.

Not only that, but the compact size of the MINIS collection makes it perfect for on-the-go playtime, keeping your child happily entertained during long car rides or waits at the doctor's office. All aboard the Thomas & Friends hype train with this adorably festive advent calendar!

Things To Know About

Looking for a way to keep the little ones preoccupied this holiday season? Look no further than the Mattel Thomas & Friends MINIS Advent Calendar. This charming set features 24 surprise toys perfect for preschoolers, including 6 exclusive holiday-themed miniature train engines that are sure to bring a smile to any child's face.

But it's not just about playtime – this advent calendar also helps to strengthen fine motor skills and encourages imaginative pretend play. So, while the kids are having fun, they're also learning and developing important skills. It's a win-win situation! Don't miss out on this delightful addition to your holiday traditions.

Overall Best Toy Advent Calendar

PAW Patrol: 2023 Advent Calendar

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Reasons We Love It

The holiday season just got a whole lot more awesome with the PAW Patrol best advent calendar! With 24 surprise toys behind each door, kids can count down the days till Christmas while uncovering their favorite Pups, animal pals, and festive accessories. It's the perfect way to get creative, with endless possibilities for imaginative play.

Build a winter wonderland in Adventure Bay and send the pups on exciting holiday missions – the fun is only limited by your child's imagination! So why not give the gift of adventure and surprise this holiday season with the PAW Patrol Advent Calendar? It's a surefire way to make your little one's holiday season unforgettable!

Things To Know About

Are you a fan of the PAW Patrol crew? Do you love counting down to the holidays? Well, get ready because the 2023 PAW Patrol Advent Calendar is here and it's awesome! This calendar includes seven of your favorite PAW Patrol pups, eight adorable animal friends, and nine accessories to make playtime even more exciting.

Not to mention, this advent calendar is a great way to teach kids about counting and patience. And for all you collectors out there, don't forget to add this gem to your collection of PAW Patrol toys. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to embark on a pup-tastic holiday adventure with the 2023 PAW Patrol Advent Calendar!

Best Budget-Friendly Toy Advent Calendar

Soyee Christmas Countdown Calendar Mochi Squishy Toys

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Reasons We Love It

If you're a fan of surprises, toy animals, or just counting down the days until Christmas, then the Soyee Christmas Countdown Calendar is the perfect addition to your holiday season. With 24 days of mini mochi squishy toys hiding behind each door, you'll feel like a kid again with each new squishy discovery.

And let's be real, who doesn't love a good squishy toy? But the fun doesn't stop there! These soft silicone toys are multipurpose and can be used as decorations, sensory toys, or just relaxing squeeze toys. So, get ready to experience the joy and excitement of the holiday season with the Soyee Christmas Countdown Calendar.

Things To Know About

The Soyee Christmas Countdown Calendar is not your ordinary "Christmas decoration". Oh no, it's much more than that! It's a fun-filled adventure that will keep you and your loved ones engaged and excited for the holiday season. This adorable calendar comes with mini toys that are perfect for all ages. You can squish them, poke them, stretch them, heck, you can even give them a good ol' squeeze!

These fidget toys stimulate the brain and release stress, making them a perfect gift for your stressed-out colleague or student in your life. Plus, the cute kawaii stuff will bring a smile to anyone's face. So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on this Soyee advent calendar for kids and create some lasting memories with your family and friends this holiday season!

Best Marvel Toy Advent Calendar

LEGO Marvel Avengers 2023 Advent Calendar

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Reasons We Love It

The holiday season just got a lot more heroic thanks to the LEGO Marvel Avengers 2023 kids advent calendar! Packed to the brim with gifts fit for young superheroes, this calendar is the perfect way to kick off a new adventure. With seven legendary superhero minifigures, including Doctor Strange, Captain America, and Spider-Man, you'll have all the tools you need to save the day. But the fun doesn't stop there!

You'll also find mini builds and accessories, like a jetpack and ice hockey kit, to keep the action going. And of course, every LEGO component is built to meet the highest industry quality standards, ensuring your heroes' adventures are consistent, compatible, and easy to build. Who knew saving the world could be so much fun?

Things To Know About

Buckle up, superhero fans! The LEGO Marvel Avengers Advent Calendar is back for 2023 and ready to bring some much-needed excitement to the holiday season. With 24 days of surprises, young aspiring heroes can create their own action-packed scenes and relive their favorite moments from the Marvel franchise.

And don't worry, this calendar isn't just a one-and-done deal. The included gifts can be combined with other LEGO Marvel sets, making for endless hours of imaginative play. So whether you're a diehard fan or just looking for the ultimate holiday gift, the LEGO Marvel Avengers Advent Calendar is your ticket to the ultimate superhero adventure.

Best Pony Figures Advent Calendar

My Little Pony Advent Calendar Toy for Kids

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Reasons We Love It

There are 25 gem-shaped doors on the My Little Pony christmas countdown advent calendar, and each one hides a magical surprise! From mini pony figures to molded hair and even the Mane 5, this toy has it all. The packaging alone looks like the perfect holiday gift, making it easy to surprise your kids with something special.

And with adorable size and shape, it is the perfect stocking stuffer for every My Little Pony fan. Don't let the bright colors and playful designs fool you, this advent calendar is perfect for kids of all ages! So let's spread some holiday cheer with this perfect addition to your beloved MLP collection!

Things To Know About

Are you ready for an adventure this holiday season? Look no further than the My Little Pony Advent Calendar! This holiday advent calendar features 24 doors, each concealing a surprise. Not just any surprise, mind you – we're talking about nine adorable critters with unicorn horns and six stickers. And that's not all! The winter-themed background scene will transport you to a snow-covered wonderland, complete with new winter-inspired characters and designs.

So, whether you're a long-time fan or a newcomer to the world of My Little Pony, you're sure to enjoy the excitement and joy of this advent calendar. Just remember, sometimes the best surprises are hidden behind closed doors – so get ready to explore!

What To Look For In The Best Toy Advent Calendar Guide

1. Variety

The best toy advent calendars should offer a variety of fun and exciting toys to keep kids engaged and entertained throughout the holiday season. Look for a calendar that includes different types of toys, from action figures and dolls to puzzles and games.

2. Quality

When it comes to toy advent calendars for kids, quality is key. Be sure to check the materials used in the construction of the calendar, as well as any safety certifications or other assurances that the toys are safe for children to play with.

3. Price

Toy advent calendars come in a wide range of prices, so you'll want to find one that fits your budget without sacrificing quality or selection. Consider looking for sales or discounts on popular brands or buying secondhand items if you're on a tight budget.

4. Design

Look for an advent calendar with an eye-catching design that will capture your child's attention and make them excited to open each day's surprise! Consider choosing one with bright colors, festive decorations, or even interactive features like sound effects or lights.

5. Age Range

Most toy advent calendars are designed with a specific age range in mind, so be sure to choose one appropriate for your child's age group. If you have multiple children with different ages, look for a calendar that offers something fun for everyone!

6. Durability

It's important to find an advent calendar that is sturdy enough to withstand daily use throughout December without breaking down or becoming damaged easily - after all, you don't want your child's excitement about opening each day's surprise ruined by broken pieces! Make sure the materials used are strong and durable before making your purchase.

The Toy Advent Calendar FAQs

So you've got a toy advent calendar, but you're left with a bunch of questions and not enough answers.

It's like being stuck in a winter wonderland maze with no map. You just want to enjoy the countdown to Christmas with your little one, but instead, you're left scratching your head, unsure of how to proceed.

Introducing The Toy Advent Calendar FAQs! Get ready to have all your burning questions answered, with a dash of wit and a sprinkle of information. Finally, you can navigate through the holiday season with confidence, knowing everything there is to know about your toy advent calendar. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to festive cheer!

What is a toy advent calendar?

A toy advent calendar is the perfect way to get your little ones excited about Christmas! It works by giving one delightful toy each day until December 25th. The toys vary in size and character type, but are usually timeless classics like puppets or stuffed animals - there's something for everyone! Not only does it give children an extra plaything leading up to the most wonderful time of year, but it also helps them learn about the concept of counting down the days until Christmas. If you're looking for a fun way to keep your kiddos entertained during this festive season, a toy advent calendar may be just what you need.

What kind of toys can I find in a toy advent calendar?

Toy advent calendars can be a great way to get your kids excited about the holiday season! You’ll find a variety of different kinds of toys behind each door, depending on the advent calendar you choose. Popular toy advent calendars come with small figures such as LEGO mini-figures, animal figurines, Playmobil characters and dolls. There are also nature-themed versions with wooden pieces or even chocolate treats! Choose one that best fits your children's interests – they won't be able to wait for December 1st!

How many toys does a toy advent calendar typically include?

It depends on the toy advent calendar itself! Generally, most advent calendars come with 24 toys that are released day by day throughout December. These range from fun figurines and collectibles to playful trinkets meant to spark creativity and imagination. Typically, this is enough to fill a holiday season with joy and cheer for young ones but if you're looking for something even more special, some companies offer up to 48 toys in their calendars. What a gift!

Is a toy advent calendar suitable for all ages?

Absolutely! Toy advent calendars can be enjoyed by people of any age. From grandmas to toddlers, the holiday season is filled with excitement when you open doors each day to reveal a surprise! Adults can appreciate the classic nostalgia and rewarding feeling that comes from opening up a new window every day. Meanwhile, kids will love discovering what's behind each door, turning it into an exciting game as they count down the days until Christmas arrives. So regardless of your age or background, toy advent calendars are guaranteed to bring festive joy this holiday season!

How do I set up a toy advent calendar?

Setting up a toy advent calendar is surprisingly easy! Start by getting a box or basket to store all the items. Then, when it's time to fill in the slots for each day of December, use small toys like stuffed animals, action figures, Hot Wheels cars or even crayons and coloring books. Remember to add something small enough that it can fit into each slot of the box or basket. Lastly, tag each item with a number from 1-24 and your calendar is ready! Not only will this be an enjoyable activity for kids to experience daily during the Advent season, but they'll also get some cool surprises as rewards at the same time.

Is it better to buy a toy advent calendar or make my own?

It depends on how creative and crafty you are feeling! If you’re up for a DIY project, then making your own toy advent calendar can be a great way to personalize the experience. You can even involve your kids in the decoration process and have them help pick out colorful stickers, ribbons or bells to add the finishing touches. But if money or time isn't an issue, buying one is definitely convenient, as they come pre-made with all kinds of toys. In either case, it's sure to delight any kid on Christmas morning!

How do I make sure my toy advent calendar is safe for children?

When it comes to toy advent calendars, safety is always a top priority. To make sure your calendar is safe for children, start by selecting quality materials that are free from toxins and hazardous substances. Next, check the size of the toys to ensure they don't represent a choking hazard to any small children who may be playing with them. Additionally, look for items that are age-appropriate; this will reduce the risk of any accidents or injuries due to inappropriate use. Finally, inspect each piece during assembly and before gifting it—it's essential to make sure all components (like screws and nuts) are secured properly. With these precautions in place, you can have peace of mind knowing your toy advent calendar is safe for children!

How can I make a toy advent calendar that is eco-friendly?

Making a toy advent calendar that is eco-friendly doesn't have to be difficult. Here are some tips to help you get started: first, use recycled materials like egg cartons or old cereal boxes for the base of your advent calendar instead of buying new ones. Next, consider upcycling items around your home like tin cans and fabric scraps into fun toys to fill in each day's slot – it will turn out way more unique than store-bought toys. Finally, try using natural elements such as pine cones, leaves, and twigs to make each day's activity extra special and nature-filled! Experience the joy of Christmas Eve with the Christmas Wooden Advent Calendar, filled with delightful surprises. Explore the wonders of science with the Kosmos Science Advent Calendar, and celebrate the spirit of giving with the People Advent Calendar credit, showcasing inspiring stories.

Final Thoughts About The Toy Advent Calendar

Looking for a way to survive the Christmas countdown? Invest in a top-notch toy advent calendar! Not only will it get your little ones hyped for the big day, but it's also a budget-friendly and amusing gift that'll bring the whole family together. With a plethora of fantastic options on our website, you're bound to find the perfect one for your home. Don't wait, start shopping! Let's make this Christmas extra special with heaps of joy and laughter!

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