Attention all book lovers! Are you ready to countdown to the holidays?

This holiday season, get ready for something special – an advent calendar book that brings one exciting surprise every day from the first of December until Christmas Eve. With 24 stories crafted with a witty tone, this limited-edition book captures the spirit of the winter season. Every page will bring a new moment for joy and reflection as your family counts down together toward Christmas Day.

Not only is this beautiful festive collection filled with unique stories and illustrations, it also comes in 4 different covers so there’s something new to see each time you open it up! Make your own family tradition by starting off each morning or evening during Advent with one delightful story after another – giving yourself a daily dose of cheer and warmth amidst the hustle and bustle of the season.

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How We Choose The Best Advent Calendar Book

Choosing the perfect Advent calendar book can be a daunting task. With so many options out there, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure about which one to pick.

You don't want to end up with an Advent calendar book that doesn't live up to your expectations. It's disappointing to open a book each day and find dull or uninspiring content.

That's why we're here to save the day! Our team of Advent calendar book experts meticulously researches, reads and analyzes various options to bring you the absolute best. We sift through the countless pages, cheesy storylines, and lackluster artwork, so you don't have to. With our guidance, you can confidently choose the most delightful Advent calendar book that will keep you excited every day leading up to the holidays!

Premium Quality Advent Calendar Book

Thames & Kosmos EXIT: Advent Calendar - The Hunt for The Golden Book

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Reasons We Love It

We can't help but love the Thames & Kosmos EXIT: book advent calendars! This innovative game combines the best of escape rooms with the spirit of the holiday season. With 24 unique rooms to explore, each containing a thrilling riddle to solve, there's never a dull moment. And let's be real, who doesn't love a good challenge?

This game is perfect for families and friends who want to come together and save Christmas, one clue at a time. Plus, the beautifully designed calendar doubles as a festive decoration to liven up any home. So, break out your thinking caps and get ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime with the Thames & Kosmos EXIT: Advent Calendar!

Things To Know About

If you're on the hunt for a totally unplugged, card-based game to spice up your holiday season, look no further than Thames & Kosmos EXIT: Advent Calendar. This bad boy comes with a decoding table, storybook, riddle cards, and a help book to ensure you never get stumped by a tricky puzzle. But here's the kicker, folks - you can only play it once! Yep, that's right, once you start marking up, folding, and tearing those cards, there's no going back.

So choose your fellow players wisely, arm yourselves with some festive drinks and snacks, and get ready for a brain-bending journey over 24 days. And don't forget, it's rated 2 out of 5 on the difficulty scale so there's not too much need to worry about your brain breaking. Happy playing!

Overall Best Advent Calendar Book

Disney: Storybook Collection Advent Calendar

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Reasons We Love It

Nothing quite quenches our thirst for Disney magic like ripping open the Storybook Collection Advent Calendar each day in December. This enchanting set has all the makings of a new holiday tradition. From Mickey to Moana, 24 mini storybooks unwrap a daily dose of delight.

Its diverse lineup of tales takes readers on a sleigh ride with Anna and Elsa one day, and then on a jungle adventure with Simba the next. Whether it's holidays with Pooh or everyday fun with Nemo, these stories spark the imagination. So let the countdown begin - it's never too early to be merry!

Things To Know About

Unwrap a new Disney storybook adventure every day leading up to Christmas with the Storybook Collection Advent Calendar. This enchanting collection features 24 mini storybooks starring your favorite Disney and Pixar characters. Each 3.94" x 4.72" storybook is individually wrapped, keeping the magic a surprise until it's time to unwrap.

Featuring tales with icons like Mickey, Minnie, Toy Story, and more, this 13.98" x 21.26" calendar provides compact bedtime stories for kids of all ages. With a story for every day in December, this calendar makes the holiday season even more magical. Don't miss out on the wonder - get this Disney Advent Calendar and enjoy surprise stories all month long!

Best Budget Friendly Advent Calendar Book

Christmas Is Coming! A Christmas Calendar Book

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Reasons We Love It

Christmas Is Coming! does more than make December days fly by at a joyful pace. This glorious advent calendar invites families to delight in the magic of Christmas through 24 festively illustrated doors. Each day reveals a new treat, be it trivia, story, puzzle, or activity designed to be enjoyed together.

Thoughtfully crafted, this book offers a wealth of wonder, bringing out the childlike joy of all ages. More than marking time, it creates precious moments that will become cherished traditions. Year after year, Christmas Is Coming! makes the season bright with playful togetherness.

Things To Know About

Christmas is Coming! opens a door to the wonder and magic of the holiday season. A unique and imaginative way for families to countdown to Christmas morning, this book sparkles with the spirit of the season and makes a special gift under the tree for children 5-10. With its joyful illustrations, interactive flaps, and charming rhymes, Christmas is Coming! captures the anticipation and excitement that fills each December day.

So gather around the fire with mugs of hot cocoa and get ready for some old-fashioned yuletide cheer as you discover the delights hidden behind each colorful flap!

Best Sesame Street Advent Calendar Book

Sesame Street: Advent Calendar Storybook Collection

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Reasons We Love It

'Tis the season for ho-ho-holiday cheer on everyone's favorite street! This advent calendar book collection brings 24 days of merry magic with Elmo, Cookie Monster, Big Bird, and all your furry friends. Each mini storybook counts down the days 'til Christmas with ABCs, numbers, colors, tales, and tunes galore. What's not to love about stories stuffed with FA-LA-LA-LA-FUN?

From cookies to counting, there's no better way to teach kids about the holidays while sparking yuletide joy. Plus, reading with friends is always in season. So gather round and snuggle up, Sesame Street-style, for the gift of togetherness this Christmas. Who knew learning could be so festive and bright? Happy holidays to all, and to all a new book tonight!

Things To Know About

Are you ready to count down to Christmas in the most festive and educational way possible? Look no further than the Sesame Street Advent Calendar Storybook Collection! This hardcover gem includes 16 pages of pure joy for little ones aged baby to 3 years, and even preschool and kindergarten kiddos can get in on the fun.

And at a whopping 2.25 pounds, it's the perfect addition to your holiday decor. With dimensions of 11.75 x 0.6 x 17.63 inches, you'll be able to proudly display it alongside your tree and stockings. So what are you waiting for? Get ready for some serious Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Big Bird magic this holiday season!

Best Advent Calendar Book For Adults

The Escape Room Advent Calendar: Puzzle Book for Adults

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Reasons We Love It

The Escape Room Advent Calendar provides an adventurous journey like no other. Opening a new door each day reveals a thrilling immersive puzzle or riddle to solve. It's a daily dose of mystery and intrigue that engages the mind and brings family and friends together. With 24 unique games and puzzles to complete, it builds excitement and anticipation throughout the holiday season.

For those who love puzzles, mysteries, and escape rooms, it's the perfect gift. At just over $14, it's an affordable way to create memorable moments and build traditions during the most wonderful time of the year. This interactive countdown to Christmas is sure to delight.

Things To Know About

Eureka, you've discovered the ultimate holiday gift for fans of escape rooms and advent calendars alike! The Escape Room Advent Calendar promises oodles of mysterious fun, chock full of puzzles, codes, and clues behind each of its 24 doors. But before you embark on this thrilling Christmas countdown, take heed - at 6.7 ounces and a skimpy 104 pages, this calendar may be too featherweight for the veteran escapers and enigmas amongst us.

It's best to let the novices take the lead on this one. With over 10 hours of claimed playtime, it is perfect for distracting the youths this winter break while you sneak away to sip some spiked nog! Just don't let them peek ahead and spoil the surprises within. Happy solving!

What To Look For In The Best Advent Calendar Book Guide

1. Paper Quality

The pages should be thick and sturdy, yet soft to the touch. The flimsy paper feels cheap, while cardstock pages give a sense of luxury. Ideally, the paper will be matte to minimize glare but thick enough that colors don't bleed through from the backside.

2. Binding

Look for calendars with sewn bindings so the pages stay secure and don't fall out halfway through the month. Spiral bindings also allow the calendar to lay flat when open. Avoid stapled and glued bindings which can come loose. The binding should feel tight and durable.

3. Visual Appeal

Aesthetics matter, especially for a book you'll look at daily. The illustrations should have vibrant colors and charming details that match the season. Avoid over-simplified or amateurish designs. The artistic style should be cohesive from start to finish.

4. Creativity

Seek out advent calendars that take a creative spin on the traditional formula. Interactive elements, mini activities, or clever themes make the daily reveal more exciting. Standard chocolate-a-day calendars get boring fast. Look for calendars with an element of surprise, delight, and playfulness.

5. Size/Format

Consider the dimensions and layout. Is it sized for sitting on a tabletop and big enough for group participation? Or travel-friendly in a compact size? Is each day clearly labeled and easy to access? A thoughtful, functional format enhances the experience.

6. Quality

Examine the small details and finishing touches. Do any items inside feel flimsy, cheap, or like an afterthought? Low-quality materials detract from the charm. Look for weighty, sturdy components that exceed expectations.

7. Value

Don't pay for needless frills that inflate the price but not the enjoyment. Seek out calendars with sensibly priced quality materials. Premium touches should add meaningful value, not just cost. Overall it should feel worth the investment.

The Advent Calendar Book FAQs

The holiday season is here, and you still haven't found the perfect advent calendar for your family. The chocolate ones are too sugary, the toy-filled ones too messy. You want something meaningful but struggle to find it.

Searching for that perfect advent calendar every year only leads to headaches and regret. You buy one, only for your kids to get bored of the cheap chocolate or dollar-store toys after a few days. The holiday magic fizzles out fast.

Introducing The Advent Calendar Book - an enchanting collection of 24 beautifully illustrated stories, one for each day leading up to Christmas. This charming book provides a daily dose of imagination and wonder for kids and parents alike. Watch their faces light up each morning as they open a new chapter filled with festive tales of adventure, animals, and life lessons. Give your family the gift of togetherness this holiday with The Advent Calendar Book. You'll create memories and traditions that will last long after the season is over.

How does a book advent calendar work?

The concept behind the book advent calendar is relatively simple - it combines the excitement of counting down to Christmas with reading a new book each day. In essence, you get 24 small books; one for each day leading up to Christmas. Each day you open a new door on the calendar and read that day's book. It's an easy way to get in some extra holiday reading while getting into the festive spirit!

Why do we open Advent calendars?

Advent calendars are a time-honored tradition of counting down the days before Christmas. They have been popular for centuries, but it wasn't until modern times that they became associated with chocolate or other small goodies. Although the exact origin of Advent calendars is unknown, the practice likely arose from German Lutherans who celebrated the four weeks leading up to Christmas by drawing a chalk line on their door each day as a way to count down and stay focused on Jesus’s birth.

How many nights are on an Advent calendar?

The answer is 24! An Advent calendar is designed to help you count down the days until Christmas, beginning on December 1st and ending on Christmas Eve. Each day of the month is marked with a little door or window containing a small gift or treat. So, technically speaking, there are only 24 nights in an Advent calendar – but if you count up all those nights of treats and presents leading up to the big day it’s actually twenty-four days of excitement!

How do you make an Advent book?

An Advent book is a great way to celebrate the season of anticipation leading up to Christmas. Here's how to make one: First, gather materials – a sketchbook or blank notebook, your favorite colored pens or markers, and some decorative elements like ribbon or fabric scraps. Next, decide on an advent topic like faith-based stories or funny jokes for each day. Then set up the pages of your book with appropriate headers and dividers. Once that’s done, write out the content for each page – you can draw pictures if necessary – and decorate them as elaborately as you want. And last but not least, add special holiday touches like glitter glue, and stickers! After that? Enjoy your personalized Advent book to its fullest!

Can you make yourself an advent calendar?

Of course! Making your own advent calendar is easy, fun, and rewarding. It's a great way to express your creativity while counting down the days to Christmas. Here are some ideas for materials you can use and items to put inside: Use paper bags, mason jars, or small boxes as the base of your calendar; fill each bag/jar/box with small gifts like treats, notes, and holiday-themed trinkets. Get crafty with paints or fabric cutouts and make a unique numbered set of containers that you can hang on your wall or door - these will look amazing! Create special memories by adding photos or messages in each container that are meaningful to you - it'll add extra sentimentality to the season. Finally, let the festive spirit take over as you enjoy making yourself an Advent Calendar!

What is the classic advent calendar?

The classic advent calendar is a festive tradition dating back to the mid-19th century. It typically consists of 24 days of Christmas activities and surprises culminating on December 25th. The most recognizable version involves opening small windows or doors each day to reveal chocolate treats, images, or religious icons. Nowadays, there are many variations, including those that feature toys, skincare products, and even activity ideas! So while it may be an old-fashioned holiday tradition, the advent calendar is still just as exciting today!

Who celebrates the Advent calendar?

Christmas is a time for celebration and the Advent calendar has been around since the 19th century. It's celebrated as an anticipation of Christmas, with people opening one door each day often to receive a chocolate treat. Everyone from children to adults enjoys using Advent calendars to mark out the days leading up to Christmas. In recent years, there have been more creative advent calendars such as makeup, jewelry, and even bottles of wine! No matter how you choose to celebrate it, everyone can find joy in counting down the days until Christmas with an Advent Calendar. Join the Book Club and indulge in the joy of reading with the Book Box, a little library in one package. Experience the magic of literature with the Advent Calendar Book, where each day brings a new captivating story to explore. Expand your literary horizons and ignite your love for reading with a curated selection of books.

Final Thoughts About The Advent Calendar Book

Looking for the ultimate gift to make your kids' holiday season unforgettable? These advent calendar books have got you covered! They're not just fun and adorable, but also a smart investment for years to come. So, why wait? Grab one now and make this holiday season extra special! And don't be shy, share this blog post with others who need help finding the perfect gift or storybook for their little ones this Christmas. Spread the joy!

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