How To Stay Safe If You Get Lost In The Woods

Getting lost in the woods can be a frightening experience, but with the right knowledge and preparation, you can stay safe until you find your way back. Here are some tips to help you stay safe if you ever get lost in the woods.

Stay Calm and Don’t Panic

The first thing to do when you realize that you are lost is to stay calm and don't panic. Panic will cloud your judgment and make it harder for you to think clearly about how best to proceed. Instead, take a few deep breaths and assess the situation. Take some time to look around and think about where you may be as well as what landmarks should be visible from your location.


If there's an established trail nearby, stick to it as signs mark points where intersections meet with diamond blazers or markers - though they may have been vandalized so make sure not to rely wholly on them!

Essentials To Have With You

If you plan to venture out into the great outdoors, be sure to prepare yourself properly.

  • Food - Take along enough supplies of food and water for your activity.
  • Compass, GPS Devices, And A Good Ole Fashion Map - plus a compass or other reliable navigation tools like maps and GPS devices - just in case cellular reception fails due to lack of signal.
  • Appropriate Clothing And Shoes - Wear appropriate clothing such as sturdy boots, layers that can adapt to weather conditions, and extra socks in case they get wet.
  • Blanket - even better if waterproof-and a flashlight, matches packaged safely in order protect them from getting wet and any additional items needed which could help you survive overnight should an emergency arise during your trip.
  • Check with the local Park Ranger's - office or forest district for applicable warnings on the area (like bear sightings).


When you are planning an outdoor adventure, don't forget to share the details with someone. Providing all necessary information – like your planned trail and return time – allows them a better understanding of what is going on should anything go wrong during your outing. Additionally, it's important to never head out alone; having others join can also help keep morale high in challenging situations if you get lost along the way!

Find Shelter

When out camping, it's important to plan for any eventuality. Establishing a camp is the most effective way of doing so. When setting up a shelter, start by pitching your tent if you have one. If not, look for natural spots like dense evergreens or snow dens that provide some insulation from the ground and can be filled with dry material like leaves and moss for a makeshift sleeping bag. A lean-to made of evergreen branches with a fire in front of it is also an effective way to ensure warmth and comfort overnight. Doing your research before heading out will help ensure you are prepared for wherever the journey may take you!

Stay Put

If you ever find yourself lost in the woods, the best thing to do is stay put. Rescuers have an easier time finding people who remain stationary rather than wander around aimlessly.

If You're Going To Self Rescue Out Of The Situation

When trying to find your way out of a tricky situation, it's best to come up with a plan. Before setting off, take the time to review your map and compass if you have them, memorize nearby landmarks and look for obvious routes out of the area. If you don't have a map on hand, closely observe the surrounding terrain and use your other senses to look for clues - are there any recognizable features or noises? Taking these steps can help make sure that you are not walking aimlessly and that all of your efforts are directed toward getting you safely back to your group!


These are just a few tips on what to do if ever get lost out in the woods; being prepared is key! Be sure to always carry a map with you when hiking and know your exact location so that if something happens, rescuers will know where exactly to look for you. It’s also helpful to bring emergency supplies such as water bottles, flashlights, whistles, etc., which can all come in handy if ever lost in the woods! Be sure not to take any risks while out camping – safety first!

Thank you for reading this article and happy camping!

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