Calling all LEGO fans- it’s time to make Gotham City your own!

Unleash the superhero within with a brand new set of LEggo Batman movie sets. Get ready for an action-packed adventure as you recreate scenes from the hit films and create custom scenes of your very own. Whether you’re a fan of The Dark Knight himself or his allies, these sets are sure to please any Batman lover out there!

Be part of the Bat Family with iconic characters like Joker, Robin, & Penguin- each Lego figure has its trademark swagger (or sensei wisdom). Plus, load up on power gadgets and weapons such as bearings and other cool tools that will take your constructions to the next level.

Join in on the fun today by ordering one of the Lego Batman Movie Sets! Put your imagination into motion and design a fantastic world full of laughter, intrigue, and true justice. We promise it won't be long until everyone is chanting “Batman Forever!"

How We Choose The Best Lego Batman Movie Set

Choosing the best Lego Batman Movie set can be a total headache. With so many options, it's nearly impossible to know which one will truly bring out the hero in you.

You don't want to spend your hard-earned money on a lackluster set that will leave you feeling disappointed. Who has time for that?

Luckily, we've done the dirty work for you. Our team of Lego fanatics has sniffed out the top Lego Batman Movie sets, leaving you with only the cream of the crop. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to building your own epic Gotham City adventures.

Overall Best Lego Batman Toy

LEGO DC Batman Joker's Trike Chase (440 Pieces)

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Reasons We Love It

LEGO DC Batman Joker's Trike Chase is the perfect toy for youngsters who love Batman and all things DC. With four minifigures, including Batman and The Joker, kids can surely enjoy endless action-packed playtimes. But the fun doesn't stop there! There's the iconic Batmobile, which has an opening cockpit for Batman and a removable engine.

And let's not forget The Joker's trike, which sports a grinning mouth that opens and closes as it moves. Kids can also develop their skills while putting the Batmobile's engine into The Joker's trike. With cool weapons and accessories, the LEGO DC Batman Joker's Trike Chase is a must-have for all DC fans!

Things To Know About

Let's talk about the latest addition to the LEGO Batman collection - the Joker's Trike Chase playset. First of all, this set is not for the faint of heart. It comes equipped with not one, not two, but three LEGO characters - Batman, Harley Quinn, and of course, the Joker himself. And we can't forget about the Joker's trike, which is armed to the teeth with all sorts of weapons to thwart our hero's efforts.

But fear not, because Batman's trusty Batmobile is ready for action, complete with hidden cannons and a slide-open cockpit. With over 440 pieces, this playset is perfect for kids aged 7 and up who are ready for epic battles and heroic adventures. It's time to grab your cape and save the day!

Best Budget-Friendly Batman Lego Toy

LEGO DC Batman Penguin Chase

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Reasons We Love It

What's not to love about the LEGO DC Batman Penguin Chase set? It's got a missile-firing Batmobile, for starters. That's right, kids can launch mega missiles from the front of the car with just a press of a button. And let's not forget about the battle-ready Batman car toy, complete with two spring-loaded shooters. The windscreen and roof assembly even lift off so you can place Batman in the driver's seat, with room for a passenger too.

This set is perfect for hours of imaginative play and will have your little ones feeling like they're a part of the action-packed world of Gotham City. So, if you're looking for a toy that packs a punch, look no further than the LEGO DC Batman Penguin Chase.

Things To Know About

Get ready to chase down the notorious Super-Villain Penguin with the LEGO DC Batman Penguin Chase set! This action-packed set not only includes a Batman minifigure with a sleek fabric cape but also the infamous Penguin, armed to the teeth with a shooter and hand-held rocket launcher complete with a circular stud-shooter.

With just 118 pieces, building this set can be a fun and engaging activity for kids aged 8 and up. Perfect as a gift for any Batman fan, this set will definitely quench their thirst for adventure and challenge their imaginations to new heights. Don't miss out on the chance to add this incendiary set to your collection!

Premium Quality Lego Batman Toy

LEGO Batman Movie Mr. Freeze Ice Attack

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Reasons We Love It

For those who love The Dark Knight and all things LEGO, the Mr. Freeze Ice Attack-based set is a must-have addition to your collection. First and foremost, there's the stud-shooting freeze gun that Mr. Freeze can use to wreak havoc on Gotham City. And with room for a minifigure, you can easily switch out heroes and villains to keep the action going.

The posable joints and translucent elements add to the versatility of the set, allowing for a variety of different poses and battle scenes. But perhaps the coolest feature is the opening, translucent-blue ice prison that Batman can use to detain his foes. With three minifigures included, this set offers endless opportunities for creative play and display.

Things To Know About

The Lego Batman movie theme Mr. Freeze Ice Attack is an epic playset for all superhero enthusiasts. It comes with Batman, Mr. Freeze, and a security guard minifigure, each with their respective accessory elements. The power plant setting is masterfully designed with a silo, pipe, and lever, adding a dynamic element to the gameplay. The set includes a computer, pressure meter, mug, and translucent light elements that provide endless opportunities for creative play.

The most notable feature, though, is the Mr. Freeze snow scooter, equipped with a freeze gun and foldout arms. This set is easy to assemble and provides hours of thrilling superhero action. Get ready to save Gotham from the icy grip of Mr. Freeze!

Best Batman Car Building Toy

LEGO Technic The Batman

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Reasons We Love It

Ladies and gentlemen hold on to your capes because LEGO Technic has brought us the ultimate gadget of Batman's secret arsenal - the BATMOBILE. Why do we love it? Well, where do we start? With a whopping 8-cylinder engine, our favorite superhero ride is no ordinary car. The moving pistons and spinning flame are just sweet icing on the cake. Steering and differential on the rear wheels plus opening doors and hood make it a dream for Batman fans young and old alike.

But wait, there's more - two light bricks make the model come to life, casting a menacing red glow on the transparent engine and a blazing yellow light on the front grille. What more could we ask for? LEGO Technic for superhero fans - now that's a match made in heaven!

Things To Know About

Are you ready to unleash your inner Batman? Then add the LEGO Technic The Batman Batmobile to your collection! This buildable car toy is not only visually authentic with its sleek black design, but it also packs a punch with its numerous functions. From the adjustable cockpit to the working suspension, this set is an engineering marvel that will keep kids and teens (and maybe even adults) engaged for hours on end.

Plus, it's a great way to introduce youngsters to the wonderful world of engineering. So, whether you're a die-hard Batman fan or just looking for a cool gift, the LEGO Technic The Batman Batmobile is a must-have!

Best Justice League Toy

LEGO BATMAN MOVIE DC The Justice League Anniversary Party

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Reasons We Love It

Let's face it: we all have a soft spot for the Justice League. But when you add LEGOs and Batman into the mix, it's a whole other level of awesome! The LEGO Batman Movie Justice League Toy not only commemorates the 57th anniversary of the iconic superhero team, but it also features a DJ booth, rotating dance floor, and figures of Superman, Hawk Girl, El Dorado, Green Arrow, and even Wonder Dog.

And let's not forget about the bow and quiver! As if that wasn't enough, the detail on the figures is truly impressive, giving you the chance to live out all your superhero dreams in miniature form. So, whether you're a die-hard Justice League fan or just love playing with LEGOs, this set is a must-have in your collection.

Things To Know About

Looking for a new toy that will satisfy your love for all things superhero? Look no further than the Lego Batman movie accessory Toy! This collectible item has 267 pieces and is the perfect addition to any child's toy collection. Boys and girls between the ages of 7 and 14 will love spending time putting this toy together, as it measures over 4” (12cm) high, 9” (24cm) wide, and 5” (14cm) deep.

With this toy, they can let their imagination run wild and create their own superhero adventures. Plus, it’s a great way to keep them entertained for hours on end! Don’t miss out on this amazing LEGO set.

What To Look For In The Best Lego Batman Movie Sets Guide

1. Variety of Characters

Look for Lego Batman movie sets that include a variety of characters from the film, such as Batman, Robin, The Joker, Catwoman, and other villains. This will give you plenty of options for creating exciting stories and scenarios.

2. Detailed Accessories

Look for sets with detailed accessories to make your scenes come alive. Accessories such as cars, buildings, gadgets, and weapons can add extra fun to your playtime.

3. Interactive Features

Look for sets with interactive features such as lights and sound effects or moving parts that add an extra layer of excitement to your playtime.

4. Durability

Quality is key when it comes to choosing the best Lego Batman movie sets so look for ones that are made from durable materials that can withstand wear and tear during playtime.

5. Re-playability

Look for sets with multiple levels of difficulty so they can be enjoyed by both experienced players and novice builders alike. Sets with different settings or storylines allow you to create new adventures each time you play!

The Lego Batman Movie Set FAQs

Have you ever purchased a Lego Batman set and found yourself confused about how to assemble it or missing pieces?

It can be frustrating when you're all hyped up to build your own Gotham City, only to hit a brick wall with unanswered questions and missing pieces.

That's why we created The Lego Batman Movie Set FAQs! With this handy guide, you'll have answers to all your burning questions and never have to fish around for missing pieces again. So go ahead, unleash your inner superhero, and build with confidence!

Who does Lego Batman love?

Lego Batman loves himself, first and foremost. He's always looking to express his own heroic qualities and refuses to let anyone or anything stand in his way. That being said, he's never been the most affectionate of characters when it comes to expressing love. It isn't until the events of The LEGO Movie that we really get a sense of appreciation for another character—namely, Unikitty! Though their relationship starts off rocky due to Unikitty's infectious positivity contrasting with Lego Batman's pessimism, they eventually become allies and good friends. Ultimately, at its core, Lego Batman loves justice (and maybe a bit of chocolate) more than anything else.

Why is Lego Batman so good?

Why is Lego Batman so good? Because he has all the qualities of a great superhero - he's brave, funny, and more importantly, extremely relatable! He's also very different from other Batman iterations - his unique sense of humor makes him stand out from the rest. Plus, who doesn't love an underdog story? Lego Batman overcame a lot to be the hero Gotham City needed. He really proves that you don't have to be perfect to make an amazing difference in someone else's life!

Is Batman Lego for kids?

It depends on how you define "kid". Batman Lego is really fun for kids of all ages—from those who just learned to build structures with Duplo blocks to die-hard collectors. For the younger kids, it sharpens their manual dexterity and problem-solving skills, while older fans can explore creative building ideas that celebrate their favorite characters. Plus, the Batman sets in particular are very detailed and impressive, making them a great gift for any kid who loves superheroes (or even adult superhero fanatics). So yeah –Batman Lego is definitely kid-friendly!

Why Batman is popular?

To understand why Batman is such an incredibly popular character, you don't need to look any further than his story. He's the quintessential underdog; a billionaire playboy orphan who lost his parents at a young age and used the tragedy as motivation to fight crime. His mix of intelligence, physical power, resourcefulness, and sheer determination make him an extremely alluring figure in both literature and film. He's also just plain cool—a superhero that doesn't use magic, or alien technology—just wits, money, and training! So there you have it: Batman is popular because he embodies everything a hero should be--smart, strong, fearless, and determined. And, Batman faces his greatest challenges yet as killer croc tail gator, bane toxic truck attack, and two-face double demolition.

How many characters are in Lego Batman?

The exact number of characters in LEGO Batman is actually a bit hard to pin down. It depends on how you define a character, as some characters have different versions with varying amounts of detail. For example, Batman himself has appeared in dozens of sets and minifigures from the early days up until now.

But generally speaking, if we look at all the unique figures across all sets in the LEGO Batman franchise, the total count sits somewhere around 85-95 characters (not counting variants). This includes iconic heroes such as Robin and Catwoman; villains like The Joker and Riddler; major NPCs like Alfred Pennyworth or Commissioner Gordon; and even lesser-known additions like Killing Joke Joker minifigure or Professor Hugo Strange mini-doll figure. So then it's up to you to decide: Is Lego Batman really one hero...or 95?

How to draw Lego Batman?

Drawing Lego Batman is simpler than you think! All you need to do is draw a square for the body, two circles for the head and hands, and four rectangles for the legs. Now add smaller squares on each side of the body to create his arms, draw dots around his eyes and mouth, then finally color it in black with shades of yellow to give him a classic Batman look. That's all there is to it! Have fun drawing your own Lego Batman! The Joker notorious lowrider, Riddler Riddle Racer, Penguin Arctic Roller, and Scarecrow Fearful Face are all on the loose! Can Batman stop them before they wreak havoc on Gotham City?

Who is Joker in Lego Batman?

Joker is one of the classic villains from DC comics who appears in Lego Batman. He is a wild, wisecracking, maniacal criminal mastermind with no discernible motive or back story. Joker's mission in life is to outwit and outplay Batman at every turn. He often uses his trademark laugh to cause chaos and mayhem wherever he goes! As far as Lego Batman goes, Joker takes his usual form: green hair, white skin with pink cheeks, and a purple suit – all with an infectious smile that will put fear into anyone who comes across him! Recreate the iconic scenes from The LEGO Batman Movie with a LEGO Batman toy set! Help Batman stop the Joker balloon escape, evade Clayface splat attack, and Catwoman catcycle chase!

How tall is Lego Joker?

If you've ever searched the web for "How tall is Lego Joker?" or just asked yourself, we have your answer! According to the official LEGO Dimensions character page, Lego Joker stands at 4 inches (10.16 cm). But why's this so exciting? Well, when compared to Batman from the same game — who stands at 5 inches (12.7 cm) — that means that our favorite wild card villain is actually shorter than The Dark Knight. So if you've been wondering about Lego Joker lately and wanted some concrete answers; there you have it — 4 inches of madness and mayhem! New LEGO Batman minifigs have been released in polybags at the shop! Collect Batman, Robin, Batgirl, and The Joker to recreate your favorite scenes from the movie.

Final Thoughts About The Lego Batman Movie Sets

To sum it up, LEGO Batman movie sets are a great way to get those creative juices flowing. Not only are they fun, but they can also help your little ones improve their fine motor skills and develop their problem-solving abilities. With our comprehensive list of the best LEGO Batman movie sets that we’ve gathered together here today, you’re sure to find something perfect for your family. So what are you waiting for? Get moving and begin embarking on this super exciting journey with Lego Batman!

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