Ever wanted to make a bold statement with your piercing accessories?

Industrial piercing jewelry is for those looking to stand out from the crowd. It's an eye-catching piercing look, often referred to as "the scaffold" or just "industrial". With two piercings connected by one piece of jewelry, it looks like a bridge between them and can be seen in popular culture, from music videos to cartoons. So why settle for anything else when you can show off this unique look?

Industrial Piercing Jewelry is designed with top-quality materials while being fashionable and stylish. Choose from various colors and styles that express your individuality. Showcase a daring style without sacrificing comfort – these pieces are hypoallergenic so they won't irritate your skin! Let industrial piercing jewelry become part of the way you express yourself each day.

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How We Choose The Best Industrial Piercing Jewelry

Finding the best industrial piercing jewelry can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. It's overwhelming, time-consuming, and let's face it, you're tired of settling for subpar styles.

You've probably been disappointed by the limited options, lack of quality, and outrageous prices. It's like they think we're made of money, right?

But fear not, because we've done the hard work for you. Our team of piercing enthusiasts has scoured the market to bring you the best industrial piercing jewelry out there. Get ready to rock the coolest, most unique styles without breaking the bank. Let's pierce perfection together!

Premium Quality Industrial Piercing Jewelry

TIANCI FBYJS Stainless Steel Industrial Piercing Barbell Earring

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Reasons We Love It

Looking for a stylish and reliable option for your everyday industrial piercing needs? Look no further! The TIANCI FBYJS industrial barbells Earring set is an absolute must-have for any piercing enthusiast. With 16 unique pieces to choose from, each made with top-notch surgical stainless steel, you'll never be short on options. And the best part?

This affordable set won't break the bank. Say goodbye to constantly swapping out earrings and hello to an effortlessly cool aesthetic that lasts. Plus, with their hypoallergenic, lead, and nickel-free construction, you can rest easy knowing that your industrial piercing will be in good hands. Get ready to show off your industrial edge, one barbell at a time!

Things To Know About

Looking for a piercing that combines industrial flair with everyday elegance? Look no further than the TIANCI FBYJS Industrial Piercing Barbell Earring! Made with a 14 gauge (1.6mm) bar length of 38mm (1 1/2 Inch) and a 5mm ball diameter, this piercing is perfect for both men and women.

Not only does it make a great gift for special occasions like birthdays and Valentine's Day, but it also adds a unique touch to any outfit. And let's not forget about the easy-to-open-and-close feature! Don't miss out on this personality-packed accessory.

Overall Best Industrial Piercing Jewelry

Incaton 14g Industrial Barbell Surgical Steel Cartilage Earrings

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Reasons We Love It

Looking for a new way to spice up your piercing game? Look no further than the Incaton industrial ear-rings With six different pieces, including clear cz studs, crystal ferido balls, and even a glitter ball, you'll have endless options to mix and match for the perfect look. And let's not forget the convenience of having them all in a stylish velvet bag for easy storage.

Not only do these earrings look great, but they're also made from high-quality materials including stainless steel and clear Bioflex, giving you peace of mind knowing they're safe for even the most sensitive skin. So why settle for boring when you can shine bright with Incaton Industrial Piercing Earrings?

Things To Know About

Attention all fashion-forward individuals looking to add some edge to their look - have you heard of Incaton Industrial Piercing Earrings? Not only are they functional for industrial and scaffold piercings, but they also make for trendy cartilage earrings. Made with 14 gauge (1.6mm) bars and a 1 1/2" (38mm) length, these earrings are perfect for both men and women with a 5mm end size.

Plus, they're easy to insert and remove, making them a hassle-free addition to any outfit. Looking for a unique gift for that special someone? These earrings are a perfect option for birthdays, anniversaries, or even Valentine's Day. Take your piercing game to the next level with Incaton Industrial Piercing Earrings.

Best Budget Friendly Industrial Ring

Jewseen Butterfly Industrial Rings

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Reasons We Love It

Are you one of those people whose skin just can't handle anything other than 316L stainless steel? Well, we hear you and we've got just the thing for you - the Jewseen Butterfly Industrial Rings! These delicate little butterflies are not just stunningly beautiful but also non-toxic and free of both nickel and lead, making them the perfect choice for those with sensitive skin.

And let's not forget the fact that they add a touch of elegance and charm to your look like no other! So, if you want to keep things pretty and harmless at the same time, the Jewseen Butterfly Industrial Rings are the way to go. Trust us, your skin will thank you!

Things To Know About

If you're looking to add a touch of edgy style to your industrial piercing, then look no further than Jewseen's Butterfly Industrial Rings. These bad boys come in a convenient one-piece package and boast a sleek 14 gauge thickness and a comfortable 38mm bar length. Plus, with their highly polished surface, you can rest assured that they'll complement any outfit you throw at them.

Not to mention, the butterfly design adds a unique touch of badassery to your look. So if you want to upgrade your piercing game, hop on the butterfly bandwagon and get yourself a Jewseen Butterfly Industrial Ring. Trust me, your inner punk rock god/goddess will thank you.

Best Colorful Industrial Earring

EVELICAL Stainless Steel Industrial Barbell Earring

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Reasons We Love It

There are plenty of reasons why we love the EVELICAL barbell earring. Firstly, the industrial ring set is a complete package with 30pcs piercings that come in 6 different styles, each style boasting 5 different colors. That's 150 different ways to style up your ears! Plus, who doesn't love a little velvet touch? The package includes a chic black velvet jewelry bag to keep all your precious piercings safe.

Secondly, the materials used in the making of these piercings are top-notch. 316L stainless steel and quality flexible Acrylic that are lead and nickel-free, ensuring your safety and comfort. And if that wasn't enough, they even offer a 365-day money-back or exchange guarantee, so you can shop with confidence. Get your ear game on point with the EVELICAL barbell earring, and make a statement wherever you go!

Things To Know About

Looking for a piercing that's both stylish and safe? Look no further than EVELICAL's barbell earrings! Made with hypoallergenic materials like 316L stainless steel and acrylic, these earrings won't irritate even the most sensitive skin. With a comfortable 38mm bar length and 5mm ball diameter, they're perfect for anyone looking to add some edge to their look.

Whether you're rocking them as industrial piercings or cartilage earrings, they're sure to turn heads. And with their classic and delicate design, they make the perfect gift for any occasion – from Halloween to Thanksgiving to, of course, Christmas. So what are you waiting for? Don't miss out on these must-have accessories!

Best Halloween Industrial Jewelry

OUFER 2PCS 14G Halloween Industrial Piercing Jewelry Set

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Reasons We Love It

There are plenty of reasons why we love OUFER's Halloween unique industrial Piercing Jewelry Set. Firstly, the 14G black bar is the perfect addition to your spooky costume - it'll give you a charming look that's sure to turn heads. But it's not just about the presentation, the materials used are top-notch - made of 316L Stainless Steel, hypoallergenic, nickel, and lead-free, you can be confident that it's 100% safe for sensitive skin.

Oh, and did we mention the pack comes with two earrings? That's double the fun, folks. So, if you want to look devilishly good this Halloween, OUFER's got you covered.

Things To Know About

Get ready to add some spookiness to your industrial piercing with the OUFER Halloween Industrial Piercing Jewelry Set! Boasting a comfortable bar size of 14G and a length of 38mm, this set is perfect for all jewelry enthusiasts. But what really sets this set apart is its unique design featuring pumpkins and bats - perfect for adding a little Halloween vibe to your look.

And with balls measuring 5mm, this set is sure to bring the right amount of attention to your piercing. So, whether you're into trick-or-treating or just want to celebrate the season, this set is sure to provide you with all the eerie vibes you need. And with 100% pre/post satisfactory services, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on this set and haunt your friends with your killer style!

What To Look For In The Best Industrial Piercing Jewelry Guide

1. Quality

When it comes to industrial piercing jewelry, quality is key. Look for pieces made from high-grade material such as stainless steel, titanium, or gold. These materials are known for their durability and will last longer than cheaper alternatives. You should also make sure the piece has been crafted with attention to detail and that all of the parts fit together securely.

2. Comfort

Industrial piercings can be quite uncomfortable if you’re not wearing the right jewelry. To ensure maximum comfort, look for pieces with smooth edges and a comfortable fit against your skin. If possible, try on different pieces before making a purchase to make sure you’ve found the right one for you.

3. Style

Industrial piercings come in a variety of styles, so take some time to find one that fits your personal style and taste. Whether you prefer bold statement pieces or something more subtle, there are plenty of options out there to choose from.

4. Variety

Industrial piercings can be worn in a variety of places along the ear so it’s important to have a few different styles available so you can switch things up every now and then. Look for pieces that come in different sizes and shapes so you can create unique looks each time you wear them.

5. Price

Industrial piercing jewelry isn’t necessarily expensive but it’s still important to shop around for the best deal that meets your budget needs without sacrificing quality or style. Compare prices between different retailers and don’t be afraid to ask questions about materials or craftsmanship before making your purchase decision.

6 . Maintenance

Taking care of your industrial piercing jewelry is essential if you want it to last a long time without tarnishing or rusting over time. Be sure to read any instructions included with the piece carefully so that you know how best to clean and store it when not in use in order to keep it looking its best at all times!

7 . Warranty

Finally, make sure that any industrial piercing jewelry piece you buy comes with some kind of warranty or guarantee so that if anything goes wrong within a certain period of time you can get a replacement or repair at no extra cost!

The Industrial Piercing Jewelry FAQs

So you've decided to get an industrial piercing, but you're left with a lot of questions.

Without the right information, you risk making common mistakes that could lead to infection, discomfort, or even regretting your decision. Let's avoid that, shall we?

Introducing The Industrial Piercing Jewelry FAQs, your go-to guide for all things industrial piercing. Packed with witty and informative answers, this section will arm you with the knowledge you need to choose the perfect jewelry, properly care for your piercing, and confidently show off your edgy style. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to the coolest accessory in town.

Is the industrial piercing popular?

Absolutely! Industrial piercings have become increasingly popular over the past few years, and for good reason! Not only does it look stylish, but it's also relatively low maintenance when compared to other types of piercings. It can also be a great way to make a statement without being too flashy - ideal for minimalists who still want something cool. Plus, if you keep it clean and take proper care of your piercing, it can last up to five years. So go ahead and get that industrial piercing - just remember to always keep track of your aftercare routine!

Are industrial piercings easy to take care of?

Yes indeed! Industrial piercings are a great way to express yourself, but - as with any piercing - they require dedication and maintenance. It's important to ensure you're taking proper care of your industrial piercing in order to keep it looking healthy and vibrant. Thankfully, industrial piercings are relatively easy to maintain; simply cleaning the area daily with mild soap and warm water will help prevent infection and irritation. Additionally, make sure you wear clothing that won't irritate or snag the jewelry so the piercing can heal without disruption. With the right level of care, an industrial piercing can last for years!

How long does an industrial piercing take to close?

As with any ear piercing, it depends on the individual's skin and aftercare. Generally speaking, an industrial piercing will take approximately 6 to 8 weeks to close if the right care is taken. But for some, it can take up to a year or even longer!

The secret to closing an industrial piercing quickly lies in proper aftercare: keep your earrings and jewelry clean; use warm salt water rinses every day; moisturize your piercing with store-bought oils or homemade mixtures like lavender oil; never remove the jewelry until fully healed—and voila! You'll have closed that industrial piercing faster than you thought possible.

How do you change an industrial piercing?

Industrial piercings are some of the most interesting and creative piercing styles out there – they can be changed in almost any way you want! The process of changing an industrial piercing is fairly straightforward. First, remove the jewelry, disinfect it, then gently cleanse your ear with warm soap and water. Next, use a needle to carefully pierce through each hole you've created. Finally, add your new jewelry – make sure it fits snugly before wearing it outside. There you have it: an easy yet stylish update to your industrial piercing!

Are industrial piercings safe?

Absolutely! Industrial piercings are safe when done by a professional piercer in sterile, hygienic conditions. Generally, the most important thing to remember is that any piercing should be properly cared for afterward with good hygiene habits and the right aftercare products. The two ends of the barbell should also not be knocked or moved too much while healing and jewelry should be checked often to make sure it's secure. With proper care, industrial piercings can last just as long as any other type of piercing!

What to expect after industrial piercing?

After getting an industrial piercing, you can expect to experience some swelling in the area. This usually subsides after two days or so, but make sure to keep your piercing clean throughout the healing process (about 6-8 weeks). To help minimize swelling and pain, apply a cold compress with each cleaning session. It's also important to remember not to touch or fiddle with it too much as this can cause infection. Additionally, avoid sleeping on top of it and wear soft fabrics around the jewelry for comfort while it heals. In conclusion, industrial piercings are beautiful but require patience and diligent care during the healing period!

What should I avoid after industrial piercing?

After getting an industrial piercing, it is important to remember to increase the amount of care and hygiene that goes into daily activities. Make sure you wash your hands before touching the area, so as not to introduce any bacteria which can cause infection. Additionally, avoid playing with or fiddling with the jewelry - this can easily irritate the skin and slow down healing time significantly. You should also keep in mind that contact sports or swimming should be avoided until after the piercing has healed fully - otherwise, you risk introducing dangerous bacteria into open wounds!

Can I sleep on my industrial piercing?

Yes - but with a little extra caution. Sleeping on an industrial piercing can potentially cause trauma to the area, leading to greater discomfort and potential for infection. To prevent this, make sure to use a clean pillowcase every night and wrap your piercing with some gauze or medical tape. This will help keep it in place during the night, while also offering more cushioning against any friction you may encounter when rolling around in bed. Lastly, always try to avoid sleeping face down as this could add further pressure and possibly aggravate the piercing site beyond repair! Enhance your industrial piercing with a diverse selection of industrial bar jewelry, including straight barbells adorned with charming and unique charms, offering a wide range of options to personalize and elevate your industrial piercing style.

Final Thoughts About The Industrial Piercing Jewelry

Looking for industrial piercing jewelry that combines quality and beauty? Look no further! Choose from the recommendations above and make a long-term investment that won't go out of style. Who knows, it might even inspire others as much as it does you, making it a unique and valuable gift. Don't settle for anything less than great - go ahead and make that bold statement you've been aiming for. Life's too short to settle for anything less than fabulous!

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