Introducing Black Hair Barbie, with gorgeous natural hair and lots of style. This doll is a stunningly realistic representation of all the beauty that comes with having naturally curly hair and brown skin. She also comes in a range of complexion colors to represent different background stories - she’s more than just your average girl next door.

With every Black Hair Barbie purchase, you get amazing accessories like head wraps, jewelry pieces, and stylish outfits so she’ll be ready for any occasion - virtual or real! Don’t worry if you can’t decide what she should wear today; give her an extra-special look every time by simply changing up her wardrobe whenever the mood strikes.

Get your child (or inner child!) excited about discovering their unique identity and pride in who they are with our new Black Hair Barbie collection – now available online! Shop now!

How We Choose The Best Black Hair Barbie

Finding a black-haired Barbie doll that accurately represents diversity can be a real struggle. You want your child to have a doll that looks like them and reflects the beautiful diversity in the world, but it seems like finding that perfect doll is like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Most Barbie dolls on the market have the same cookie-cutter look, with the same generic hairstyles and features. It's time for a change, and it's time to celebrate diversity and inclusivity in the doll aisle.

That's why we've created a list of The Best Black Hair Barbie. Our team of experts has scoured the market to find the most diverse and authentic black hair Barbies out there. We've considered factors like hair texture, style options, realistic skin tones, and overall representation. So you can finally find the perfect black hair Barbie doll for your child that truly reflects their unique beauty and identity. Say goodbye to cookie-cutter dolls and embrace true diversity.

Premium Quality Black Hair Barbie

Barbie Rewind Doll & Accessories with Black Hair

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Reasons We Love It

If you're feeling nostalgic for the 80s, then look no further than the new Barbie Rewind Doll with voluminous black hair, who's ready to rock your world at movie night! Not only does she come with a totally rad graphic tee, peplum overshirt, and speckled biker shorts, but she's also prepared for any weather with her trusty leg warmers and hot pink sneakers.

And let's not forget about her signature scrunchie, because Barbie's hair is always on point. But it's the little details that really seal the deal, like her iconic popcorn earrings and chunky oversized bracelets, which add the perfect touch of 80s glamour to any outfit. Love, like, totally, Barbie Rewind!

Things To Know About

Introducing the Barbie Rewind Doll with black hair and a personality that screams "totally rad". This collector's dream comes with all the movie must-haves; from a bucket of popcorn adorned with a vintage Barbie logo to a milkshake crossbody bag and even a tray to carry it all. This doll is not just a pretty face, her superstar sculpt features bendable knees and a retro Barbie hairbrush allowing for endless playtime fun.

But it doesn't stop there, oh no, this doll comes with a cassette tape stand and VHS-themed packaging, turning any room into a nostalgic 80s wonderland. Trust us, this Barbie Rewind Doll for girls is not one you want to miss!

Overall Best Barbie Black Hair

Barbie Extra Doll and Accessories

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Reasons We Love It

Who said less is more? Definitely not Barbie Extra dolls! These flashy fashionistas have a 'more is more' attitude that we absolutely adore. With 15 pieces including clothing, fashion accessories, and even pet and pet accessories, these dolls are the epitome of high fashion. And have you seen Barbie's icy-lavender lips and extra-long hair styled with sparkly hair clips?

It's giving us major glam envy. But let's not forget about the metallic silver moto jacket with a purple faux-fur accent, matching skirt, heart-printed top, and purple boots with buckle details. With a look this confident, who wouldn't want to be an Extra?

Things To Know About

Barbie has always been an icon of fabulousness, but with the Barbie Extra collection, she's taking things to the next level! These dolls are all about self-expression and having fun with fashion. From a pizza slice purse to layered jewelry, each accessory has its own story to tell.

But it's not just Barbie who's looking extra – her Dalmatian puppy is rocking heart-shaped sunglasses and a smartphone accessory like a true boss. These dolls are perfect for kids who love to add a little extra flair to their own style. And with so many different dolls to collect, there's always a new way to express yourself with Barbie Extra!

Best Budget-Friendly Black-Haired Barbie

Barbie Fashionista Doll with Petite Body

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Reasons We Love It

Barbie Fashionistas are slaying the game with their diverse representations of the world we live in today. And we're especially loving this Barbie Fashionista with her petite frame and natural curls that give us all the heart eyes. But let's talk about her outfit - it's like Y2K-inspired heaven with bold prints and satiny straps.

Who knew kerchief hems could look so chic? And those chunky golden heart-shaped hoops scream "flawless" louder than Beyoncé ever could. Pair it all with platform sandals and you've got one trendy doll that's ready for anything. We're obsessed with her style and she's quickly becoming our new fashion icon.

Things To Know About

Looking for a new addition to your Barbie collection? Look no further than the Barbie Fashionista Doll with Petite Body! This stylish doll comes in a reusable vinyl bag with a zipper for easy on-the-go play. And the best part? Kids can deck out the bag with their own artistic flair using stickers and other art supplies.

But the fun doesn't stop there. With a variety of Barbie Fashionistas dolls to collect, the possibilities for fashion and fun are endless. For children 3 years and older, these dolls make the perfect gift. Add some petite pizzazz to your Barbie collection with the Barbie Fashionista Doll with Petite Body.

Best Barbie Chelsea Doll

Barbie Small Doll with Long Straight Black Hair

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Reasons We Love It

Ah, the classic Barbie doll. She's been inspiring young imaginations for generations, but let's not forget about her spunky little sister, Chelsea! This 6-inch wonder has stolen our hearts for so many reasons - and we're not just saying that because of her adorable skateboarding dog graphic top. No, there's something about this small doll with long straight black hair that just makes us smile.

We love how she's the perfect size for little hands, and her removable tie-dye shorts make her fashion-forward enough for even the most discerning toddlers. And don't even get us started on that sweet ponytail and slip-on yellow shoes. Chelsea, you're the pint-sized queen of our hearts!

Things To Know About

Are you tired of your child's Barbie collection all looking the same? Well, say hello to the new addition - the Barbie Small Doll with Long Straight Black Hair! This sassy little lady is here to add some diversity and dimension to your child's imaginative playtime. Not only does she have luscious, straight black hair, but she also comes equipped with a fashionable outfit to match her fabulous locks.

Perfect for gifts, this doll will provide endless entertainment for kids aged 3 to 7 years old. So, go ahead and add this stylish gal to your child's collection, because hey, who doesn't love a little (or a lot) of variety in life?

Best Barbie Yoga Doll

Barbie Yoga Leggings Doll With Black Hair

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Reasons We Love It

Move over, to basic dolls. Barbie Yoga Doll Black Hair toys is here to steal the show. Not only does she rock a sleek hairstyle that can make anyone jealous, but she's also the perfect size for on-the-go playtime. With her moveable limbs, she can strike any pose you desire, from a fierce runway walk to a casual coffee date with friends.

Plus, her trendy outfit and cute accessories make her the ideal addition to any fashionable toy collection. So why do we love Barbie Yoga Dolls with Long Straight Black Hair? She's fun, versatile, and, let's be real, totally cute. What's not to love?

Things To Know About

Are you tired of dolls with stiff limbs that can only bend in a few measly places? Look no further than the Barbie Yoga Doll with Long Straight Black Hair. With 22 joints, this doll can move more gracefully than a ballerina. It's like having your own mini yoga instructor in your toy box.

Plus, her sleek modern fashions will make all other dolls jealous. So next time you're playing make-believe, make sure to grab the Barbie Made to Move doll for on-the-go fun. Just remember, her flexibility may put your own to shame. Don't worry, we won't judge.

What To Look For In The Best Black Hair Barbie Guide

1. Hair Quality

When shopping for a black hair Barbie, it's important to consider the quality of the doll's hair. Look for one with soft, tangle-free locks that are easy to style and maintain. The best black hair Barbies will have realistic-looking hair that can be brushed and styled without much effort.

2. Hair Color

The color of a Barbie's hair is also an important factor to consider when shopping for the perfect doll. Look for a black Barbie with natural-looking hair that isn't too dark or too light. Choose a shade that matches your own skin tone or the skin tone of someone you know.

3. Skin Tone

The skin tone of a black Barbie for World kids should also be taken into account when making your purchase. Look for one with a realistic complexion that isn't too pale or too dark, and choose one whose skin tone matches yours or someone you know.

4. Clothing Options

The clothing options available with each black Barbie should also be considered when making your purchase decision. Look for dolls with fashionable outfits and accessories, as well as ones that come with multiple outfit choices so you can mix and match different looks for your doll.

5. Accessories

Accessories are an important part of any Barbie collection, so look for ones that come with lots of fun extras like shoes, jewelry, purses, hats, and more! Choose a doll whose accessories reflect her personality and style so she can always look her best no matter what she wears!

6. Price Point

Price is another key factor to keep in mind when shopping for the best long black hair Barbie - look for one that fits within your budget but still has all the features you want in a doll! Consider how much money you're willing to spend on accessories as well since these can add up quickly if you're not careful!

7. Durability

Finally, make sure to check out how durable each black Barbie is before making your purchase decision - look at reviews from other customers who have bought the same model to get an idea of how long it will last before needing replacement parts or repairs!

The Black Hair Barbie FAQs

Finding accurate and up-to-date information about The Black Hair Barbie can be a real struggle.

You're left with endless questions and uncertainties, making it difficult to confidently make a purchasing decision.

Introducing The Black Hair Barbie FAQs – your ultimate guide to all things Black Hair Barbie. Get ready to have all your burning questions answered in one place, so you can finally make an informed choice and rock that gorgeous hair with confidence!

Can we wash Barbie's hair?

Absolutely! In fact, washing Barbie's hair can be a fun and enjoyable activity for children. To do so, simply use lukewarm water and a mild shampoo or conditioner. When finished, squeeze the excess water out of her hair using a towel then comb it with uncurled fingers to smooth it out. Finally, let the hair air dry in its natural style or blow-dry it on low heat for extra volume if desired. Just remember to never brush wet Barbie doll hair as it damages the strands beyond repair!

Can Barbie's hair be straightened?

Yes, it can! Barbie isn't immune to the perfecting power of a good hair straightener. It's easy and straightforward - all you need is a few essential tools. Grab your trusty heat protectant spray, an ionic flat iron (to reduce damage from the heat), and some patience. Follow the instructions that come with your flat iron and simply run it through Barbie's locks for pin-straight perfection. Of course, always take extra care when using any heated styling tool on plastic material or else you risk damaging her 'do!

How do you treat Barbie's hair?

Generally, the best way to treat Barbie's hair is with a little TLC. Start by not using heat styling tools on her locks – this can damage her hair and cause split ends. Instead, try brushing through her hair with a soft brush and use gentle conditioning treatments as needed to keep it glossy and smooth. If you want to give Barbie's hairstyle some personality, opt for temporary methods such as clip-in accessories or fabric headbands. Whatever you do, just be sure that whatever style you choose for Barbie is one she will love - after all, looking good should never be too much work!

How do you curl Barbie's hair?

Curling Barbie's hair isn't as hard as it may seem! All you need is a curling iron, some hairspray and a few bobby pins. To begin, start with clean hair (use shampoo, and conditioner and brush out any tangles). Then apply mousse or heat protectant styling product for protection from the hot curling iron. Take small sections of hair at a time using your comb/brush to create neat sections. Curl each section by wrapping it around the barrel of the curling iron for about 10 seconds. Secure each curl with a bobby pin to hold its shape longer then spray hairspray on each curl evenly after they have cooled off. Once all your hair has been curled, shake it out gently until you get that perfect style - voilà! You now have beautiful curls like Barbie herself!

How do you soften Barbie's hair?

If you're looking to soften Barbie's hair, we've got just the trick for you! All it takes are a few simple steps and your doll will be sporting silky smooth locks in no time. First, fill a bowl with lukewarm water and mix in a tablespoon of fabric softener. Then, place Barbie's hair into the solution for 30 minutes before gently combing out any tangles that may have formed. Finally, rinse her hair with cold water to ensure all the fabric softener is removed and voila - she's now rocking luxurious locks!

Is Barbie doll hair plastic?

Yes, Barbie doll hair is made of plastic. Her iconic long locks are crafted from a type of plastic called acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), which is also used to make entertainment products like remote controls, computer components, and Lego bricks! It's the perfect material for Barbie's signature lush hairstyles because it retains its shape even when molded into a variety of looks. Plus, it helps keep her hairdo intact from playtime to bedtime. So whichever style you choose for your beloved Barbie dolls — ponytails or pigtails — know that their hair has been carefully crafted with synthetic materials for maximum staying power!

Can you paint a doll's hair?

Absolutely, yes! Painting a doll's hair can be tricky, however, it is totally doable. It requires patience and the right materials to do so. All you need is some fabric dye, a paintbrush with very fine bristles, and some painter's tape or masking tape for sectioning off areas. First section off the areas you want to paint using the tape so that only those sections get colored in. Then mix your fabric dye according to package instructions and apply small amounts onto your brush - load just enough for one stroke at a time! Get creative with color combinations once you’ve painted all of the sections; Have fun creating unique hairstyles for your dolls!

Can you dye Barbie's hair with food coloring?

Sure can - and why not? Barbie's hair is actually made with a kind of plastic (saran) that you can dye with food coloring! The trick is to use just enough so the dye doesn't end up overwhelming the hair. To do this, add a few drops of food coloring to a bowl or container filled with warm water, then dip your doll's locks into the bowl until they become saturated. Let it sit for about 10 minutes before drying and styling! You’ll be left with some wild-colored looks sure to turn heads at your next playdate. Experience the inclusivity of the Barbie world with the tall body option, representing diverse kids. Sold separately, the black-haired Barbie with a tall body offers a chance to embrace different looks and promote representation in playtime.

Final Thoughts About The Black Hair Barbie

Give your child endless playtime and lasting appreciation with our top-notch black-hair Barbies. It's not just a gift, it's a smart investment for your little ones or grandkids. These dolls celebrate diversity and remind kids to embrace their unique beauty. Don't wait, add a touch of sparkle to your shopping list now!

Don’t forget to check the price on the Amazon website.

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