Ready to go camping but don't want to worry about your tent getting wet?

Check out our list of the best waterproof tents! We've got you covered whether you're looking for a large or small tent.

These tents are perfect for any camping trip, rain or shine! You'll be able to enjoy your time outdoors without having to worry about your tent getting wet.

Read on to find the best waterproof tent for you!

How We Choose The Best Waterproof Tents For Camping For Your Next Trip

You've decided you want to go camping, but don't know where to start when it comes to choosing a waterproof camping tent.

It can be tough to figure out all the different factors that go into choosing a good waterproof camping tent. Do you need one that's lightweight for backpacking? Or is durability more important since you'll only be using it for a car camping tent?

I've done the hard work for you and have read hundreds of verified customer reviews on Amazon to bring you my top picks for the best waterproof tents for every type of camper. Whether you're looking for a solo tent or one that will accommodate your whole family, I've got you covered.

Best Waterproof Tent For Hiking

MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2-Person Lightweight Backpacking Tent

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Reasons We Love It

The Hubba NX 2 is perfect for travelers who want a lightweight yet sturdy backpack for the trip.  You won't feel like you are carrying a heavy backpack; you'll have plenty of room to live comfortably and be protected from the elements. Hubba was designed to endure some truly horrible weather and super heavy rain. It has two tent doors, mesh panels for good ventilation and warmth, and a solid cover to keep things warm and protected.

The rainfly roof folds down when the rain is falling, but when it's not raining you can roll it up for an amazing stargazing view plus nothing beats spending a peaceful night in a luxurious tent with your lover or partner and watching the stars shine bright like diamonds.

The large doors inside this tent are designed to stop water from getting inside the tent and ruining the inside, much like rain gutters are made to catch the rain. Thanks very much to all the wonderful people at MSR!

This is a great tent if you're looking for a lightweight option that has enough living space then this is one of the best tents around.

The MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2-Person Lightweight Backpacking Tent is the perfect choice for your next adventure!

Things To Know About

The Hubba has two large vestibules on the top of the tent that are ideal for storing your backpack and keeping it dry. The floor of the vestibule is made of durable fabric that will keep your belongings dry and prevent water from seeping in.

The tubular-style floor with taped seams keeps everything dry and all moisture outside due to the excellent waterproof fabric that it uses. The Hubba also has a rainfly that is made of 20-denier, a high-density ripstop nylon that is coated with a durable waterproof coating.

This tent is perfect for 3-season use and can be used during spring, summer, and fall. Packing up with the Hubba is easy and you won't struggle to get it back in the bag because it comes with an ultra-compliable compression bag, so when you put it in your backpack, it will fit perfectly.

It is lightweight and easy to carry, making it the perfect choice for backpackers and hikers.

Best 10-Person Waterproof Tent

NTK Arizona GT 9 to 10 Person 17.4 by 8 Foot Sport Camping Tent 100% Waterproof 2500mm Tent

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Reasons We Love It

If you're looking for a tent that can withstand all your outdoor adventures, then you need the NTK Arizona GT 9-10 Person Tent! The easy setup takes little time, so it's great if you're bringing friends or family with you on this camping trip.

With a spacious and comfortable design, this home away from home has everything you need to relax and enjoy the great outdoors. And don't worry about the weather, because the waterproof fly (and seams) and reinforced windows will keep you dry and protected from the elements.

In addition, there are reinforced windows that keep those pesky mosquitos at bay too. So, no matter what Mother Nature throws your way, you'll be prepared with the NTK Arizona GT 9-10 Person Tent!

Things To Know About

The NTK Arizona GT 9 to 10-Person Tent is the perfect size for large families or groups who want to enjoy the outdoors together.  This tent is made from high-quality materials, is waterproof and weatherproof, and has features that make it perfect for camping and hiking.

Made from 100% virgin nano-flex shock-corded fiberglass bars, this tent is strong and durable. The 3-season tent can withstand the elements and is even suitable for use in cold weather climates.

With a bath-style development that keeps you dry and secure, this tent is perfect for rainy days or stormy weather. In addition to being weatherproof, this tent has a full-coverage rainfly that protects you from inclement weather. With ventilation that allows air to circulate freely, this tent is perfect for hot weather climates.

The NTK Arizona GT tent is the perfect option for your next camping trip. It has all the features you need to make your trip comfortable, including a spacious interior and a waterproof interior and exterior.

Best Ultra-Light 1-4 Person Waterproof Backpacking Tent

TETON Sports Backpacking-Tents Mountain Ultra Tent

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Reasons We Love It

We know that when you're out on a long backpacking trip, the last thing you want to worry about is your tent. That's why we created the TETON Sports Mountain Ultra Tent - to give you the ultimate in protection, comfort, and durability, all in a package that won't weigh you down.

This tent is perfect for those who like to travel light. It's made from ultra-light materials but is still surprisingly spacious - it can comfortably fit several adults. The two-door vestibule is a great feature, providing extra protection from the elements and a place to store your gear.

What really sets the Mountain Ultra Tent apart from its competitors is its microgrid mesh roof. This allows for maximum ventilation on clear days, and even lets you stargaze on clear nights! Plus, the reinforced mesh floors and seams ensure that this tent is built to last.

So, if you're looking for an ultralight, spacious and durable backpacking tent, the TETON Sports Backpacking-Tents Mountain Ultra Tent is a perfect choice.

Things To Know About

The Mountain Ultra's umbrellas are 66D 3 mm rip-stop polyurethane that is water-resistant too, 2000 mm. This means that over 24 hours, the rainfly can leave 2000 mm of water outside the tent. It's a sturdy and attractive rain fly, perfect for keeping dust or water out of your tent.

Another feature of The Rainfly we appreciate is pass-through ventilation, which helps prevent condensation from building up inside the tent.

In addition to the rainfly, the Mountain Ultra also features a high-wall Oxford tub floor with reinforced thermal tape corners and seams. It's our favorite type of floor design because it's so effective at waterproofing -- even when it's standing in a rainstorm.

TETON includes a 150D Oxford footprint - an external floor protector - with a tent. We thought it was a good touch since footprints usually don't come included and they can help extend the life of your tent floor by protecting it from abrasion or punctures.

As a company, TETON prides itself on offering a full-service limited lifetime warranty and outstanding customer service. We didn't use their warranty or in-house customer service, but there are plenty of satisfied online reviewers out there that confirm these claims.

All in all, we think the Teton Sports Mountain Ultra is a great option for anyone who wants a durable and weatherproof tent.

Best Family Waterproof Tent

Coleman Rocky Mountain 5 Plus Family Tent, 5 Man Tent, Blocks up to 99 Percent of Daylight, 2 Bedroom Family Tent, 100 Percent Waterproof Camping Tent for 5 Person

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Reasons We Love It

Are you looking for a large, family-sized tent that will keep everyone comfortable and happy? Look no further than the Coleman Rocky Mountain 5 Plus tent! This tent is perfect for camping trips, extended stays at the cabin, or even hosting backyard sleepovers.

This large tent features blackout fabric to keep the inside dark and cool, as well as a complete sewn-in groundsheet to keep bugs and drafts out. Additionally, the Rocky Mountain 5 Plus boasts awesome tablet-sized shelving, a power slot for easy electricity hookup, and windows and blinds for privacy.

Plus, with excellent ventilation at the back, this tent is perfect for warm summer nights. When it comes time to set up camp, you'll appreciate the easy assembly thanks to the tent poles sleeves--simply slip the poles through with minimal resistance and it allows the tent walls to be a little more vertical which in turn provides extra space.

With so many great features, the Coleman Rocky Mountain 5 Plus is sure to become your go-to tent for all your camping adventures!

Things To Know About

Coleman has you covered, quite literally, with their latest tent design. No matter the weather, you will stay dry and your camping gear will as well thanks to the flysheet's outstanding 4500mm hydrostatic head rating and the sturdy, waterproof PE groundsheet.

The porch over the door provides cover while you zip your tent door which is always nice especially when the weather isn't nice to you.  All of the fabric is fire resistant Additionally, Coleman UV-Guard, which offers SPF 50 sun protection, is applied to the flysheet.

So you can rest assured that you'll be protected from the sun's harmful rays. So whether you're facing rain, sun, or snow, Coleman has you covered.

Best Waterproof Tent For Both You And Your Pup

Big Agnes Blacktail & Blacktail Hotel Backpacking & Camping Tents

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Reasons We Love It

We all know that feeling. You hit the open road with a car full of friends, the windows rolled down and the tunes blasting. You're ready for an adventure. But then you remember you have to set up a tent. Suddenly, your perfect road trip doesn't seem so perfect anymore. But don't worry, we've got you covered. With the Big Agnes Blacktail 3 Resort Tent, you can forget about stressful set-ups and focus on what really matters: having a good time.

This well-crafted and roomy three-person tent are perfect for weekend backpacking, as a car camping tent, and canoe camping.

The Blacktail 3 Resort has a large extended side-entry vestibule, which provides a secure and weather-resistant place to store your extra gear which is a super nice feature to have. The door flaps are secured in place by either standard toggle locks or compression straps, so you can rest assured that your belongings are safe and sound.

One of the first things you need for your tent is some string lights and hanging them from the ceiling. It will look amazing; relaxing, and you won't regret it and they make it super easy because it comes with 13 clips for hanging your string lights or even a gear loft if want one inside of your tent too which will provide more space storage options. When it's time to pack up and head home, the Blacktail 3 Resort packs down small for easy storage.

So next time you're planning a road trip, make sure to bring along the Big Agnes Blacktail 3 Resort Tent. With this tent, you're guaranteed to have a good time.

Things To Know About

The Big Agnes Blacktail and Blacktail Hotel are two high-quality backpacking and camping tents designed to provide you with the ultimate protection, comfort, and convenience while you're exploring the great outdoors. These tents feature strong, lightweight materials that will help keep you protected from wind and rain, while also providing ample ventilation to keep you cool and comfortable.

Both the Blacktail and Blacktail Hotel come with a number of convenient features, including large vestibules for storing your gear, interior storage pockets for keeping your essentials organized, and easy setup systems that allow you to set up your tent quickly and easily.

Additionally, these tents are built with durable zippers that are designed to withstand repeated use without getting stuck or breaking.

The fly and floor of this particular model are made from polyester, which is a common material for high-end camping tents. The 1500mm waterproof polyurethane coating on the fly and flooring has kept us dry thus far and we may NikWax and get the suggested Big Agnes Footprint you can find it on amazon or on Rei co-op for added protection for waterproofing.

Whether you're looking for an ultra-lightweight backpacking tent or a spacious family camping tent, the Big Agnes Blacktail and Blacktail Hotel is sure to meet all of your needs plus it's pawsitively perfect for your pups as well!

Consider These Features So You Get The Right Waterproof Tent

1. Waterproof

This one is pretty obvious, but it's worth mentioning nonetheless. When you're looking for a waterproof tent, make sure that the fabric is actually waterproof. Many tents claim to be waterproof, but only have a water-resistant coating that will eventually wear off.

2. Breathable

Another important feature to look for in a waterproof tent is breathability. This means that the fabric will allow moisture to escape, so you don't wake up feeling like you're in a sauna.

3. Taped Seams

Taped seams are another important feature to look for in a waterproof tent. This means that all of the seams have been sealed with tape, so water can't get in through the cracks.

4. Adequate Ventilation

ventilation is also important in a waterproof tent. This means that there are vents or mesh panels that allow air to circulate, so you don't end up feeling suffocated.

5. Easy To Set Up

When you're looking for a waterproof tent, make sure that it's easy to set up. The last thing you want is to be fumbling with poles and rainfly in the middle of a downpour.

6. Lightweight

A waterproof tent should also be lightweight, so it's easy to carry if you're backpacking.

7. Packable Size

Another important feature to look for in a waterproof tent is a packable size. This means that it can be easily packed into your backpack without taking up too much space.

Best Waterproof Tent FAQs

You're looking for a new waterproof tent, but you don't know where to start.

There are a lot of different waterproof tents on the market, and it can be hard to figure out which one is right for you.

We've compiled the best waterproof tent FAQs to help make your decision easier. Our FAQs include information about the different types of tents, how to choose the right one for your needs, and what to look for when buying a waterproof tent.

What is the best waterproofing spray for tents?

Nikwax tent spray- is great for both waterproofing and shielding your tent from the sun's rays. This spray will extend the life of your gear while also revitalizing previously inoperative devices.

  • Water-based and biodegradable, it can be used in a variety of ways of tents, rain tarps, awnings, rainfly, backpacks, and umbrellas.

  • It is non-toxic and safe for the environment. It does not contain the PFCs, VOCs, or optical brighteners commonly used in alternatives, nor does it contain any added scent.

  • Nikwax eliminates dirt, mold, and other contaminants of the fabric, while waterproofing. (Plus, a bottle of this waterproofing spray is enough to protect a 7-person tent, with a little extra to spare).

What are the best waterproof ratings for tents?

Here's what to look for, it should have a waterproof rating of at least 8,000mm to 15,000mm or 300 to 600D. If the tent manufacturer gives a rating based on what it says on its website or what it says on its advertising materials, either one of these ratings will work.

  • MM ratings simply indicate how many millimeters of water a tent can take before it leaks. This rating is determined by putting a little water on top of a tent to see how much water it can hold before it leaks. When the tent can hold water up to a certain level for a time, it gets the MM rating.

  • Denier ratings, on other hand, are often used to assess the waterproofness of fabric. The rating is more commonly used to assess the waterproofness of clothes, as opposed to tents. Some places add the rating to the top of their tents to tell guests what the tent is made of. More on how waterproof a tent is in just a few short paragraphs.

What is a budget-friendly waterproof tent?

Dome tent with screen room by Coleman it is not surprising that one of the best 4-person waterproof tents is the Coleman Dome Tent. Given that Coleman has established a reputation for offering cost-effective, robust, and customer-friendly products, outdoor fans are familiar with and adore its tent line.

What is the best waterproof for nylon tents?

Coating a tent with a waterproofing substance that is applied to it is as important as placing a new roof on it. If the tent is made from durable nylon material, it is important that it be protected from water.

The most common protection that is used to waterproof tents is 1-DWR – which is a water-resistant coating.

  • DWR- is usually applied as a lightweight substance that is applied as a spray. It is very effective in waterproofing nylon tents. However, due to its lightweight nature, it will erode very easily. When the coating on a tent becomes old, it will begin to wear down over time. Teflon, a plastic material that is very popular for its waterproofing characteristics, is the most popular type of DWR. It is highly controversial because of the damaging effects it has on the environment – primarily because of the excellent water-repellent that it provides.
  • Polyurethane- is made from a polymer that is very popular as a coating to protect nylon tents. Polyurethane is generally available in two main types – polyester urethane (PU) or polyether urethane (PE). Two of the most common types of polyurethane are polyethylene urethane (PU) and polyether urethane (PE). Both of them are great, although PE is definitely better than PU. It is not as effective as PU, both in terms of allowing the tent to last a long time, as well as not being able to completely stop water from entering the tent

  • Silicone- Polyurethane or silicone is the other type of coating that is used to waterproof tents. It is inert, therefore, it has very good non-sticky characteristics. It provides excellent water resistance that can last for a long time.

Most tent fabrics are coated with either polyurethane or silicone coating. Many tents are coated with polyurethane or silicone coating. It is very common to use a combination of both. Remember that all of the coatings above will eventually erode.

So even if the tent has already been treated with waterproofing, it will need to be re-treated.

What is the best waterproof material for tents?

DCF is likely considered the most waterproof tent material, followed by polyester, cotton canvas, and then nylon. DCF doesn’t require any waterproof coating, whereas polyester and nylon both do.

Which Tent Fabric is the most durable?

Nylon is often considered the most durable tent material due to its abrasion resistance and stretch.

Are Polyester And Nylon Waterproof?

Both polyester and nylon are water-resistant. However, polyester is more water-resistant than Nylon. Furthermore, the water resistance of polyester increases with advanced PU-Coating. But, unless coated with specific compounds, neither Polyester nor Nylon becomes highly waterproof. In most tent setups, both are adequately waterproof due to coatings; but are susceptible to those waterproof layers coming off after long-term use.

Should you put a tarp over your tent?

It depends on the tarp. A good quality tarp should keep the tent dry in light rain, but it will not be effective against a heavy downpour. In a serious storm, water will find its way into the tent regardless of whether or not there is a tarp overhead.

That said, there are some benefits to using a tarp over your tent. For one, it can help to prevent moisture from accumulating on the inside of the tent and leading to mold and mildew. Additionally, if you're camping in an area with lots of insects, a tarp can help to keep them at bay.

Can a tent waterproof withstand heavy rain?

You bet! A tent can absolutely withstand heavy rain - as long as you have set it up correctly and use the right kind of gear. peg your flysheets and guylines out taut, and make sure your groundsheet is well-sealed. In short, do everything you can to avoid pockets of air or water Logan where water can pool and seep through.

Additionally, choose a waterproof tent material - either synthetic or natural - that will help shield you from the elements. And finally, make sure you have a tent with a rainfly that will keep you dry no matter what. With all of these precautions in place, you should be able to weather any storm while staying snug as a bug in your tent!

Do tents lose their waterproofing?

Yes, over time tents can lose their waterproofing. This is due to the UV rays from the sun, which can break down the fabric and cause it to become less effective at repelling water. Additionally, dirt and debris can build up on the surface of the tent, which can also reduce its ability to repel water.

The best way to avoid this is to reapply a waterproofing treatment every few years or as needed. There are many different types of waterproofing treatments available, so be sure to choose one that is compatible with your tent's material.

Waterproofing your tent will help extend its life and keep you dry on those rainy camping trips!

Is Gore-Tex better than waterproof?

GORE-TEX® products labeled with a black badge that says GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRYTM are designed and tested to ensure that products are extremely waterproof, windproof, and comfortable. GORE-TEX® INFINIUMTM branded waterproof clothing is the best choice when comfort and performance over waterproofness are important.

How do I keep the inside of my tent dry?

In order to keep the inside of your tent dry, it's important to seal the seams of your tent. You can do this by applying seam sealant to the seams before you set up your tent.

You can also waterproof your tent by applying a waterproofing treatment to the fabric. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions for applying the waterproofing treatment. And finally, you can also put down a groundsheet or tarp under your tent to help keep moisture from seeping up through the ground.

Best Waterproof Tent For Your Next Camping Trip

No matter what your level of camping expertise is we have an option for you!  It's always a good idea to be prepared for changes in weather conditions. With the list we compiled of the best waterproof tents, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to stay dry and comfortable no matter what nature throws your way.

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Thanks for reading, and happy camping!!

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