Ah, the great outdoors! Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area is the perfect place to take in all that nature has to offer. For the adventurous hiker, the area offers some of the best trails in Southern California. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced trekker looking for a challenge, you can find it here in the Santa Monica Mountains. So get your hiking boots on and enjoy some of the best trails around as we explore the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area!

Solstice Canyon Loop

is a popular and stunning canyon hike located in the Santa Monica Mountains. The 2.6-mile round trip hike offers stunning views of the surrounding nature and features interesting ruins, an abandoned coal mine, a rare stand of Tecate cypress, and Lizard Rock. The big attraction of the trail is a small waterfall in the canyon. The trail is well-maintained and offers opportunities for easy, moderate, or strenuous hikes. It is also a great spot for a picnic. The 4.2-mile round-trip Escondido Canyon Trail is another popular trail that rewards hikers with a breathtaking waterfall at the end. Either trail offers plenty of natural beauty for any outdoor enthusiast to enjoy.

Mishe Mokwa to Tri-Peaks and Sandstone Peak

Mishe Mokwa to Tri-Peaks and Sandstone Peak is an amazing experience for hikers looking to explore the great outdoors. This incredible product provides a scenic trail with panoramic views of Los Angeles as you navigate through three peaks. It’s perfect for those wanting to get in some exercise while appreciating the beauty of nature. The highlight of this hike is the challenge of climbing Mishe Mokwa, but the Tri-Peaks and Sandstone Peak offer their unique rewards. Great for all levels, this product offers something special for everyone; novice hikers can take it slow and enjoy the views, while experienced explorers can challenge themselves with an exciting, rewarding trek. Mishe Mokwa to Tri-Peaks and Sandstone Peak provides a wonderful journey that only California has to offer.

The Backbone Trail to Sandstone Peak and Mishe Mokwa Trail Loop

Near Malibu, California is a 7.5-mile-long trail that is considered to be of moderate difficulty. The loop combines the Backbone and Mishe Mokwa Trails and is part of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. It is a challenging but achievable hike, with stunning views and a unique landscape of exposed rocks and canyons. There are two options for the loop, a 2-mile hike up and back on Sandstone Peak Trail or a 6.5-mile hike up and back on Backbone Trail. As most of the loop is exposed to the sun, it is important to take precautions against heat exhaustion. The Mishe Mokwa Trail is the longer of the two routes and is also a great option as it passes through beautiful surroundings and provides plenty of opportunities for exploration!

The Ocean View and Canyon View Trail Loop

4-mile route located in Zuma and Trancas Canyons within the Santa Monica Mountains Recreation Area. It is an easy-to-moderate loop that is suitable for all skill levels and offers breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and Zuma Canyon. A great hike for the whole family that heads through cactus-lined trails and leads to a beautiful 40ft waterfall, this trail is a great way to get out and explore the beauty of Malibu. For an extra workout on the return, take the 3-mile Canyon View to Ocean View Trail loop, which will provide a rigorous grade up a ridge with stunning views of the area. Visitors should note that the best time to visit is in the early morning or late afternoon when it is the coolest and the sun is setting. Also, dogs are allowed on the trail, so long as they are kept on a leash.

The Sostomo/Deer Valley Loop Trail

A popular 6-mile out-and-back trail located in Malibu, CA. Suitable for hikers and horseback riders, this trail is rated as moderate to difficult and features a variety of streams along the way. It is a great workout with stunning views and is well worth the effort. The trail begins 0.1 miles below Robert's Ranch House and offers plenty of opportunities to make the outing either longer or shorter. The majority of the route follows the same directions as the Solstice Canyon Loop hike until it joins with the Sostomo Trail about halfway through. Make sure to cross the stream at the first stream crossing, and don’t miss the waterfall and extra 0.3 miles trek up to the ridge for the best views. Parking is limited at the trailhead, so make sure to plan ahead.

Final Thoughts On Your Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Adventure!

This area offers an amazing variety of trails, with something for all levels and interests. Whether you are looking for a scenic hike, a challenging climb, or somewhere to take the kids, there is something here for everyone. Don't forget to bring plenty of water and snacks and make sure that you obey all signs and respect the wildlife. So why not take a trip to the Santa Monica Mountains today? You won't regret it!

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